As this is our inaugural blog post, we’d like to introduce you to our business and our brands. We have two convenient locations in Chippewa Falls, WI and Ramsey, MN serving a great portion of the Midwest with our quality boats and equipment. We offer some of the most desirable brands in the area including Skeeter, Warrior, Starcraft, and Ranger (which is only available at our Chippewa Falls location). Being a full-service boat dealer, we offer personalized care to customers including emergency service, fiberglass boat repair, accessory installation, winterization & storage, and more! 


We are proud to be called the Upper Midwest’s #1 volume Skeeter dealer. We’ve got the WX series, MX series, bass boats, and fish ski boats. Let’s dig into each type of Skeeter boat we offer: 

WX Series

These boats are constructed with a deep-v making them suitable for big water. The hull is designed to give confidence in getting to the fish in any condition. “W” for walleye, our deep-V series offers the softest, most comfortable ride through rough water. Each model we carry features tall windshields, seating for five to six people, REACT keel, plenty of tackle storage, and lockable rod compartments. Customizable options like the ski tow bar can be added to make this boat a more versatile family style! The WX series models we offer are:


MX Series

This boat is a multispecies platform that can do it all! Whether you are out trolling or casting, this series is truly a versatile boat. The MX 1825 is affordable and perfect for fishing the Mississippi or cruising the shallows! This boat is considered multispecies mastery and is a very appropriate size –  it has the widest hull bottom featuring the REACT keel, a manageable freeboard, and a comfortable ride creating a solid fishing platform for so many situations. Read more about the 1825 model below:

Bass Boats

The Bass Series has superior handling and performance capabilities. These boats come in multiple styles and sizes to fit everyone’s need for speed! These boats are engineered like none other on the market. From the high-end FX series to the tournament ready ZX series we’ve got the perfect bass boat for you! These models are fast, comfortable, and predictable handling with no high-speed drama. Skeeter boats are also power matched, which means each boat is engineered to compliment one specific Yamaha V-Max SHO engine model. These are the bass boat models we offer:



Fish-Ski Boats

Last but not least, it’s in the name with these boats – made for both fishing and water sport enthusiasts! You’ll never need to compromise when it comes to a Solera. Both models we sell feature a REACT keel, rod lockers, huge cockpit with abundant tackle storage, along with many family friendly standards like the sun top, ski tow, fourth seat, and kickin stereo! These are the fish-ski boat models we offer:

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Only available at our Chippewa Falls location, Ranger boats are made for serious anglers! Here’s some information on all the options you can choose from:

Angler Series

This series is made for serious anglers and their families with comfortable seating for six and plenty of storage! The Ranger Angler Series offers thoughtful layouts, large casting decks, and multiple rod storage areas. Here are the Angler models we offer:

Fisherman Series

Comfort and performance are combined in this design to create the ultimate fisherman’s experience. In all models of this series you will see functional, spacious layouts, large cockpits that offer ample storage, and a skid-resistant flooring so all you need to worry about is reeling in your next catch! Let’s check out the Fisherman models we offer:

Reata Series

Perfect for a fishing tournament or a day of skiing, do it in style with the Ranger Reata series! No matter what you’re planning for a day on the lake you won’t be let down if you choose a Reata. This series offers roomy and high-end features to ensure you have a good day no matter what! Here are the Reata models we offer:

Ranger Bass Series

Fiberglass and aluminum options offer all you need for a successful and fun day on the water! With these boats you can count on the construction and dependability so you can put all your focus on fishing. Let’s look at the range of Bass models we offer:

Aluminum Deep V

These boats can take on big waves with features and comforts to keep you focused on the job at hand – fishing. These boats are constructed with hulls designed to slice through waves while keeping you dry! The models we carry offer plenty of rod and tackle storage making these the perfect big wave fishing boats! Here are the aluminum deep v models we offer:

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Now, Warrior boats – simply said these boats are made by fishermen for fishermen! All Warrior boats are engineered for speed and performance making them properly built for the best handling in both large and small bodies of water. We sell these models:

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Why choose a Starcraft fishing boat? Here are some great reasons that you can’t argue with:

  • Aluminum construction – these boats are as tough as the diehards that rely on them.  It took a true team of pros to design these
  • Motor partners – being partnered with the industry’s leading motor companies provides all Starcraft owners with the engine reliability they need
  • Fiberglass construction – there are four exclusive hull contours, each of these are hand assembled to the highest of standards

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